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What you need to do after launching a website

Marc Belveder / May 17, 2017

Congratulations in establishing your very own website. Creating a website is no easy task but sustaining a website isn’t either. These are some ways in maintaining your website to keep it well and running.

Create Your Website For Your Target Keywords

It is important to structure your website for your target keywords and divide it into categories so it can be easier for the users to search through your website. Organizing your website in this manner has several benefits.

Your Website Should Have Google-Friendly Contents

According to a data, Having 2000+ words of content rank higher in Google search than pages with a short and light content so filling up your website with words is a good idea. Try to fill up your website at least 2000 words or less of content for every page but make sure not to overdo it.

Optimize Your Title Tags For Each Primary Keyword

The title tags should accurately explain the content of the page and should be appealing in a way that net users will click the website. make sure to describe what users to expect when they click your website and avoid filling keywords into your title tag and keep it under 60 characters.

Make Sure To Include Meta Description

The Meta description is the information that appears below your website’s title in Google’s search engine. It is important to optimize your meta description because it will increase your page click-through rate if your metadata appealed to the users.

 Create Google Analytics And Add Your Website To Google Search Engine

Google Analytics keeps you updated whatever is happening to your website. it is important since it gives you information on how people use your site. Make sure to keep an eye on every movement of the people who uses your site as well as how they found the site.


Last but not the least, build connections. Start with your friends and families and ask them to promote your websites. Talk to bloggers and website owners and create a relationship with them. Building connection takes process but with consistency and perseverance who knows!


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