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Tips for an effective landing page

Gracia Lualhati / August 03, 2017

Landing pages are one of the most important elements for a successful lead generation. Along with the proper design and placement of your CTA, they help direct visitors to a specific action you want them to do, such as [insert action]. Product-specific or promotion-specific landing pages are aligned to the intent of the ads in your homepage, all aimed at increasing the conversion rate of your website.


Below are tips on creating a stellar landing page:


Never make your homepage a landing page

The error homepages typically make is have too many elements that are not properly placed. It tends to make visitors feel confused or overwhelmed upon arriving on their website. If your business leans more on offering services than products, a landing page will surely help you. But if your business offers more products than services, it’s a requirement to have the main product page.

And no matter how awesome your homepage and subpages are, a dedicated landing page will still guarantee you a higher conversion rate because it is focused only on one thing: working alongside your CTAs and offers in directing your customer towards a specific action.


Landing Pages Must Contain the Following Elements

A successful landing page should contain important elements such as a headline, a brief description of the products and services you offer, a supporting video or graphics. But the most important element in a successful landing page is information. As mentioned before, everything included in your landing page should be aligned with your business’ products and services.


Remove or limit your site navigation

When visitors land on your page, it’s your job to make sure they stay there long enough until they ultimately decide to take the action you’re recommending them to.  

A good tip is to either remove or limit the site navigation on your landing page to keep your visitors there until they decide to click on your CTA.


Stay clear and direct with your objectives

Avoid adding unnecessary elements on your landing pages such as too much use of images, videos, and improper placing of texts and headlines. This can both overwhelm and confuse your visitors on what specific action to do next once they are on your landing page.

Learn to incorporate design and content to clearly show what your landing pages are about and where you want your visitors to go. Add only what is necessary to your landing pages such as copy, images, videos, and links to other offers. Lastly, be sure to make your offer the focus of your landing page. Always make it simple, direct, and convincing.


Always Maintain Value

Learn to value the time your visitors spend on your website, especially if they went as far as to visit on one of your landing pages. Make sure that the content you put on that landing page helps your visitor understand the product or service you offer, whether it’s a free assessment or free demonstration. Guide through their journey and nurture them until they’re ready to avail your services.


Only Ask for What You Need

Creating capture forms is a way to keep constant communication with your customers. In most cases, visitors tend to lose interest in your landing page offer due to the number of unnecessary questions required in your forms. Only ask for what you need.

Instead of using direct but dull copies on CTA buttons such as “Submit”, use a more enticing and conversational tone such as “Get your Free Assessment” or “Sign up to our Newsletter”.


Create a Lot of Landing Pages

Every time you come up with something new for your websites such as a campaign that offers a promo or a discount offer, always create a new landing page for these. The more landing pages your website creates, the bigger the opportunities and the higher the chances are for converting more traffic into leads.

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