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Steps in Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Gracia Lualhati / September 08, 2017

Having a social media strategy helps you define how your organization will use social media platforms, along with the right tools for it, to achieve its overall marketing, sales, and communication goals. It’s also an act of identifying the intentions, outlining the goals, and measuring the objectives of your business. You use social media to achieve the outcome your business desires. Remember that social media isn’t a silo, but a bridge that connects you to a larger but more specific type of audience.


Understand that social media is where many people hold conversations. Sometimes, it’s where they look for certain products and services they need.  Be part of the discussion! When people see you being responsive to concerns related to your business, you’ll have the chance to promote your products and services there.If you can’t be part of that discussion, then you won’t be able to promote your business there.


Here are tips on how you can create the perfect social media strategy for your business:


Identify your target audience

To define your target audience start by identifying the demographics, such as age, gender, occupation, income, and interests of your the target audience you’re planning to reach out to. Give focus to their problems and concerns, then provide solutions by creating content based on your products and services.



Regularly published content is vital to a successful social media marketing strategy. Start by working on common questions and problems that you hear from your prospects, and use that to create a solution through blog posts to both help provide a free solution to their problem and to indicate that your business has the products or services they need.

Depending on the type of blog you’re writing, you can channel your creativity by creating content to your readers such as e-books, videos, and infographics that address their issues. Remember, that if you provide helpful, relevant, and educational content, there is a higher chance that people will share it to their social media accounts, expanding your blog’s reach.


Prioritize key social channels

If you’re a start-up company, you may find it difficult to establish, handle, and maintain a strong social media presence on different networks. You definitely need to focus on growing one or two first, before diving into more social channels. After all, the rules of engagement in each channel are different and require an in-depth study on each.

Start by evaluating your company and conducting research as to what social channel your target audience use. Create, nurture, and sustain your company’s presence and identity on one channel before heading down to the next.


Schedule for your posts

The key to acing your overall social media campaign is by creating a schedule where you can determine how frequently you’ll post content and what time you will engage with your target audience. It will give an impression to your audience that you are consistent and responsive when it comes to your relationships with your customers.


Measure the results

There are many ways you can track how much traffic is being driven to your website or your blog, to be exact. Some of the basic ones are examining which post garners a large of responses from your audience or most-searched topics that are related to your business’ products or services, or keywords that generate the most interests. From there, you can set goals for key metrics and start tracking the measurement of your growth.


Work on Your tactics

Every digital marketer knows that success online can’t be achieved overnight. It takes an investment in your team’s time, effort, and creativity to build a solid following, to establish your brand as an influencer and authority in your industry, and to begin seeing your desired results. Your team needs to work together to find the right combination of channels, the right kind of content, and the right approach with your messaging that will give positive results for your business.



Being present on different social media channels is an indispensable form of marketing because of the benefits of connecting you to the right kind of audience, increasing your website’s exposure and traffic, improving your online search ranking, and growing your customer database. By learning which channel most of your target audiences are, you’ll be able to plan and establish the strategies you’ll need to follow for further grow your business.

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