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Landing Page Tips for Higher Website Conversion Rates

Gracia Lualhati / July 25, 2017

Landing pages are one of the important foundations of lead generation campaigns. They help generate leads, provide a place for your offers, help you set up a demographic, and offer more information to your target market and audience.


Here are the things you should consider when putting up a landing page!



Adding your company logo is an important component in your landing page. This not only helps increase your credibility and brand awareness, it also provides a sense of familiarity and security among your prospecting buyers. They’ll feel safe knowing the landing page is affiliated with your website and whatever information they provide will remain confidential.


Matching Products

The products and services posted included in your advertising campaigns and those posted in your homepage should be the same as the ones offered on your landing page. This is done to avoid any discrepancy between the products and services you along with the promos and discounts added to it. As an online marketer, it is your obligation to make sure you do not confuse your potential buyers.


Straightforward Images

Another good tip is to make sure the images you use clearly focuses on the product you’re selling or service you’re offering.


Take this picture for example:

Upon looking at the picture, what item comes first to your mind? It can either be the shirt or the briefcase, right? But what if the company was actually selling eye glasses? What sense will your customer get if the picture attached to the landing page isn’t focused on the product that’s for sale?


Attaching images or videos to your landing page isn’t mandatory. But if you decide to do so, make sure that the product or service your business offers, along with any promo or discount that comes with it, remains relevant to your landing page.



A Call-To-Action (CTA) directs readers towards a specific action. And yes, there are numerous — and equally important — design elements to consider such as using urgency (for example in limited-time-only offers), keeping it short and simple, and placing it timely on your website. Without CTAs, your landing page won’t be able to perform its purpose.

Lead-Generating Forms

Whether you’re giving a 5% discount or a 50% one, your business must always benefit from it somehow, and the best way to do that is to create a short form on your landing page. These forms would give you information about your customers. In this way, you won’t lose contact with both new and loyal customers. Not only will you be able to update them with upcoming promos and discounts, you’d also be able to market the items that belong in their range of interest.


Information Security

Before a user becomes your customer, they usually do some background check first to check your website’s legitimacy.

A way of providing customer and product security is by including important information such as company partnerships, testimonies from past customers, and articles that reviewed or mentioned your products or services.

This is where security sales come into action. Security seals are mechanisms used to seal products that are shipped and serve as evidence whether the item had been tampered or not. They help determine whether the item was accidentally or intentionally damaged. Remember that business authenticity provides legitimacy.


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