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INFOGRAPHICS: Why and How they get you leads

Gracia Lualhati / July 14, 2017

An infographic is a presentation of data as information through the use of visuals. When planned, designed, and executed properly, they have the power to create organic link building, attract more leads to your website, and increase reader engagement. Infographics help transform complex data, turning them into appealing and engaging content.



Below are ways on  how Infographics bring leads to your website:

Have an offer included in your infographic

How are you promoting offers on your website? Is it through a downloadable link, a form, or an online assessment? To optimize your offer, choose one and try to discover different ways how you can better promote it.

Take the infographic above as an example. Simply identifying what a digital marketing agency is not enough; it’s something people can easily google, which is why we first placed ourselves in the shoes of our target market by asking ourselves “Why do I need to hire a digital marketing agency?. To provide customer engagement, we placed an online assessment.

By taking our online assessment, you will be able to identify different marketing challenges your business faces. After the assessment, that’s where we come in. We then provided services we offer to not only help optimize our client’s website and strengthen their online presence but also put up content to maintain relevance.


Place your infographics in a blog post

Are your infographics carefully thought of, beautifully designed, and well…. ready? Good. Now, it’s time to find an ideal place to put in.

Blog posts are one of the perfect venues for your infographics. It’ll keep your infographics organized in one landing page and will not require you to add multiple copies. A simple introductory text above the picture is really all you need when it comes to infographics. After all, it’s about letting the pictures speak for themselves. But if the infographics still require additional content, it will no longer be a text-heavy and as long as a usual blog post.

With the right and catchy blog title, it can encourage people to check your blog out. Whether they’ll stay or leave immediately depends on how optimized your blog and infographics are. Remember, having a strong title shared on social media platforms will get people clicking to your blog and after, your website.


Create a downloadable Call-To-ction

You’ll know when a CTA is effective if it is able to direct towards a desired action, if it is able to boost conversion rates, and if it is able to drive leads to your website. Having a strong CTA means being able to capture the attention of your reader because it was well-designed, strategically placed, and true in providing a higher value on it, relevant to what your reader needs, enough to persuade them to comply with all the required information in the form.

CTAs are buttons or links that help achieve certain business goals, turning potential customers into leads by signing up to email subscriptions and online forms or by downloadable files on a landing page.  


Always make it shareable

Shareability is more than posting your content to different social media platforms, it’s also about the quality of your content as well. Make sure that your content is something that’s readable and nothing too complex. Something they’d want their friends and followers to read for themselves.

Provide noticeable social media sharing buttons on your blog. Where you’d want it placed depends on you. It can either be at the top corners or center-bottom. Place it where it looks best at.



Creating quality visual content does take a lot of time conceptualizing and designing, but it adds so much value to your content, especially when it’s able to capture not just the attention, but also the interest of readers. Its end result makes the invested time and effort worth it.

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