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How to determine good and bad backlinks to your website

Marc Belveder / May 09, 2017

Backlinks are the incoming links to a web page. These incoming links can come from a good website, such as authoritative websites such as news sites; and some of the may also come from bad or substandard websites, such as blogs that do not have original content or has spammy content.  It is important to know if a backlink is bad or good since bad backlinks can cause problems to your website’s SEO scores.

Here are some ways to determine if your backlinks do good or harm your websites:


Knowing the bad backlinks

It is recommended to use a specific tool in order to analyze backlinks to your website, whether they’re good or bad for your SEO and digital marketing campaigns. You can use different SEO tools to check your backlinks. You can most of these by making a simple google search.  Finding bad backlinks are pretty much easy.

First, Add the domain of your site to the software and you’ll see all of your backlinks from the main page of the application. In order to find bad backlinks, sort them out by their metrics using the filters on the right side. Next step is to find the low-quality metrics. For SEO, only dofollow links matter so you can ignore the nofollow ones.

There are sites that are severely penalized by Google, the red icon in the column “Status/GI” indicates that the site that’s linking to you is not indexed in Google. The Google index status is a reliable source to know if the links are not to be trusted because Google already removed it manually. If you do find a bad backlink, you can disavow it using Monitor Backlinks. The disavow button allows software users to report in an instant.


Knowing the good backlinks

Having an idea of which backlinks are good helps you the most with SEO since Google sends you more traffic to your site if you have good quality backlinks. Look for sites that are dofollow and have a Domain Authority higher than 40.

Knowing the good and the bad backlinks are the key to maintaining websites. Make sure to keep an eye of your backlinks to help you with SEO which will make people visit your website.



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