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4 Reasons Why Enabling HTTPS is Important on Your Website

Marc Belveder / July 17, 2017

It is important to protect your websites with HTTPS even if your site doesn’t contain sensitive information. HTTPS is a requirement for all e-commerce websites and apps that have e-commerce features in them.


HTTPS is the result of the combination of HTTP and SSL/TLS protocol, which provides a secure layer and encryption for data and information running through your website.


4 Reasons Why You Should Enable HTTPS on your website:


HTTPS protects your website

There are plenty of malicious attackers in the internet and websites are prime targets for these elements.  The first line of defense you can do to protect your website is to purchase HTTPS for your website. HTTPS protects you from thieves, malicious malware, and other third parties who can intercept your communications between your site and the user’s browser.


More secure, more users

If your website is secured and well protected, chances are, more users will trust and use your website. No one wants to use a website that isn’t secure even if the site doesn’t contain or use sensitive information. It is always good practice to secure your website even in as simple as enabling HTTPS.


For mobile search optimization

In order to have a better ranking and indexing in Google Search, your website should be AMP-ready (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP is the technology that makes mobile pages load very quickly. In order for your website to be labeled as AMP, it should be first HTTPS-enabled.



HTTPS is the future

The fast modernization in mobile apps and websites will require HTTPS-enabled pages for a better user and data security. New web platforms that utilize get User Media (such as photo-sharing and content-hosting platforms)  and building progressive web software, will soon require strict permission from the user. It is advisable to enable it now so you won’t have to worry about it in the future.



As websites and apps continue to improve and provide new and exciting services to the public, so does its need to improve their security for users and the data they provide in exchange for the services they need.

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