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3 Steps in Creating a Behavioral Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Gracia Lualhati / September 13, 2017

Behavioral email is the act of sending targeted emails to your contacts based on their actions, behaviors, and interests and is one of the key strategies in inbound marketing that businesses need to get started with.

Adopting a user-focused approach when creating your emails is what behavioral email marketing is all about. It is through the actions of your website’s visitors that you’ll be able to determine the content of the emails they’ll receive, what pitch to start with, and when is the best time to send it to them.


Here are 3 steps in creating a behavioral email marketing strategy for your business:



Track the interaction of online users with your business

In creating a behavioral email marketing strategy, you must first know which activities you can track, interpret, and act upon. As an online marketer, you have the benefit of having multiple platforms that you can use to attract, engage, and convert people into becoming potential customers through your website, your social media accounts, and your marketing emails. Use these platforms to learn more about them and identify the type of approach you need to apply to start a conversation with them.

For a more thorough identification, you can conduct webinars, contests, and even surveys. Once you’ve identified the behaviors available to use as a guide, you can now use these to customize the content in the email you’re going to send to your target audience.

You will need a contact database that keeps, tracks, and shows information about your customers. It also serves as the core for all of your inbound efforts. It’s a huge help in identifying the behavior of your customers in order to send them the right kind and style of a marketing email.


Know the possible actions of online users

The reason why behavioral emails became effective for many online businesses is that it works with the result of knowing, tracking, and identifying their prospect’s behavior. These results in successfully gaining their recipients attention and interest, making the reaction predictable and the overall strategy effective. That is the true essence of a behavioral marketing email strategy, it is activated by the user and not by the business or brand. This saves all of your inbound marketing efforts from going to waste.

You must be careful on which actions to react to. For example, a user filled out a submission form for an ebook you offer, send a transactional email for them to confirm the download. If they happen to show interest in one of your case studies, suggest to them some of your other works or research connected to the topic they’ve engaged before in your offer Thank You page.


Use your customer’s behavior as a way to start a conversation

The final step is writing a compelling email. You are going to depend on the results of your user’s behavior to start a conversation.

By sending an email based on your behavioral email marketing strategy, you are also creating a highly personal experience, because a marketing email like so will effectively work with the help of your initial engagements with your leads. The copies you make on social media and the blogs you write for your website are all targeted to a specific type of audience, but not specific enough to provide information to work on. But with a behavioral marketing email, you make the most of your contact database, making it more specific and more personal.



Behavioral email marketing helps create a more personal experience for your subscribers because rather than providing the exact same content like what you publish in your social media accounts, it makes use of your contact database and their interactions with the content you publish all over your website. You also take reader engagement to the next level by providing an immediate response to whatever you get from your readers after they’ve gone through your email.

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